Sunday, 15 May 2011

Police State

Police State is a film from the city where CCTV is more popular
than Coca Cola and tabloid newspapers. A city under siege, a city
named London, the most Surveillanced city on the face of the earth.
Home of Big Brother and the cradle of modern voyeurism.


people accept, many even support.

One day, all freedom will be taken.

1984 married to Brave New World cant forget about the pharmaceutical aspect of they're plans drugged up zombies. by the way the author of brave new world admitted that his book was based on the elites plan for the future hmm break down of the family promiscuity, big brother, brainwashed education, anti nature, hmmm anyone see where im going here...and for those who dont believe that they brag about they're plans in movies please please tell me the name of a movie where the future is good?

There is only one problem to slinging paint balls at the cameras... the first person is going to get caught... due to being seen by the camera... but after... hmmm

Do they sell slingshots in the UK? If so I think I have an answer to your problem.

PAINT BALLS. Non lethal and won't destroy the equipment.

infrared can blind those things

was that a coca cola comercial? i saw some very distinctive product placement.

in these times of high crimes and terrorists, law abiding people want govt and police keeping a watchful eye.

its pretty clear that only criminals object.

What a load of Bolox. I object because it is my right to privacy. Also who is watching the watchers? Who govens what these CCTV operators can see and the information they obtain?

Very arty and well thought out. See how you can fight back by watching my video......

Really nicely put together film.