Sunday, 15 May 2011

Kingstep (LP Version)

Taken from the album "Quest For The Sonic Bounty" released 29th November on Tempa.

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Directed by Brede Korsmo for WickedWax Pictures

"Quest For The Sonic Bounty" comes with extensive Track Narratives...

"For this semi-apocalyptic number, restructured here by Jay King and Benny ill at the mighty and relatively little known High Path Studio after a years hiatus, we have trawled our somewhat extensive vinyl archive once again to increase the nod-factor hinted at in our previous 12" release. We hope that even the most sceptical of value hunters out there will appreciate the inclusion of this re-spin on the album.
Amongst a scenario of unleashed military power in a catastrophic and haunting future version, east meets west once again in our tale of impending doom and destruction with a subversive twist. Man's last prayers fade away as he awaits the imminent nuclear fallout in the relative safety of inadequate and ill equipped shelter facilities that have suffered badly in the hands of generations of corrupt and greedy officials. As the numbed and blistered hands of the wretched and feeble survivors struggle to open canisters of long since expired mixed meat product, they can but dream of their impossibly difficult mission to reach those last bastions of hope, where the privileged few gorge themselves on a surplus of freeze dried Kobe steaks, the finest hyrdoponic vegetables and quaff endless vats of '82 Petrus and '75 Dom Perignon. You have been warned!

"KINGSTEP (LP VERSION)" - Benny ill / Jay King
Written by B.Garner / J.King
Remixed from the original version released on Tempa 12" (Tempa.042)
Recorded and mixed at High Path Studio, London 2009/2010
Various keyboards played by Jay King
Mix engineer: Benny ill