Sunday, 15 May 2011

Damn It (Extended LP Version)

Taken from the album "Quest For The Sonic Bounty" released 29th November on Tempa.

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Directed by Brede Korsmo for WickedWax Pictures

"Quest For The Sonic Bounty" comes with extensive Track Narratives...

"Back to the lab for another little tribute to good old Hollywood's depiction of the iconoclastic Jamaican Gangster, and all the idiosyncracies associated therein. Those of you familiar with the classic video releases of the 80's and 90's may recognize the vibe here! A heavy rhythm plays as gun toting hoods battle it out with fast cars and serious repercussions! There's no morals here my friend, unless of course you mean exacting revenge for the horrific ritualised torture of our nearest and dearest in the first reel. So if you've got a problem... work it out! We did, and as all good cinemagoers would advise, returned with the sequel! In the time-honoured fashion of the silver screen, we have hauled out the old original again, and tacked on a few extra bits for your pleasure... oh yes! In this specially extended album version we show you that crime really can pay... sure beats working!!"

"DAMN IT (EXTENDED LP VERSION)" - Benny ill / Jay King
Written by B.Garner / J.King
Remixed from the original version released on Tempa 12" (Tempa.042)
Recorded and mixed at High Path Studio, London 2009/2010
Saxaphone played by Luciano AKA Peru
Hammond and other keyboards by Benny ill and Jay King
Scratches perfomed by DJ Jay King of Rusty Malkie Productions
Mix engineer: Benny ill