Saturday, 7 November 2009

About: WickedWax Pictures

WickedWax Pictures is an not for profit organization who is dedicated to the development of experimental narrative and non-narrative films. WickedWax Pictures was founded in London, Feburary 2002. Since the beginning, WickedWax Pictures has worked with the infamous WickedWAX, a crazed photojournalist who roams the streets, searching for new pictures and forgotten stories. WickedWax Pictures is supported by CandleWAX Productions, who finances and produces the selected projects, taken on board. In recent years, WickedWax Pictures has worked with filmmaker Brede Korsmo and his partner in crime, Pelado. Together they have made a wide range of experiments and epic films that has terrified people, deep in the heart of Hollywood and raised eyebrows as far as Bollywood. Since January 2009 WickedWax Pictures has been briefly located in Oslo, Norway. WickedWax Pictures invested in state of the art compact equipment and set sails for Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and is currently researching new projects for future releases...

I walk the line

I walk the line, is a nostalgic search for a lost landscape. Walking on the tracks of life, driven by one’s destiny and ultimate goal. It is a personal tribute to the life and music of Johnny Cash.