Friday, 18 May 2012

The dead man & the dog

The dead man & the dog

The dead man & the dog is a film that portrays the relationship between a man and his crooked dog. The dog is said to be humankind’s best friend & companion. We follow the protagonists on a journey, as they struggle across the dunes, through the desert. A quest searching for one’s inner self, a lost oasis in a deserted landscape where there is nowhere to hide from the blazing rays of the sun…

WickedWax Pictures is on a constant quest to define a distinct storytelling language and a unique visual style. Brede Korsmo set of to Cabo Polonio in Uruguay to search for new locations and lost stories. What he eventually found was a heart-warm friendship with a stray dog that lasted until the end of his trip. The film is a collaboration between filmmaker Brede Korsmo of WickedWax Pictures and Jay King of High Path Studio’s.


Brede Korsmo is an idea based multidisciplinary artist, working on the border of film & print, feeding one process into another, in an attempt to create a his own storytelling language, inspired by the poetics of everyday-life. Brede developed his work through a mix of graffiti, screen-printing and digital video. Brede is an explorative thinker with epicurean tastes, his work is shaped by the energies of chance, imperfection & happy accidents. Brede has worked on the outskirts of the commercial industry since 2002 and hope’s to remain independent until the end of time…

Coming from a background in the 90’s London Hip Hop scene, Jay King has emerged with an impressive library of beats & pieces in a wide range of musical genres. Jay King has won the King Of The Beats producer battle twice, is a quarter of the Horsepower Productions crew and one half of Rusty Malkie. Jay King works and collaborates with a broad range of musicians to create his unique sound. His music is often inspired and sampled from his collection of cinematic soundtracks, hiding within his vast record collection.

Brede Korsmo, filmography:

”The Arsonist” 2005
”Kalt” 2005
”Heroin” 2005
”a Nightmare” 2005
”Dirty little secret” 2005
”Public Enemy NO:1” 2006
”Homage to the lost” 2007
”On the dragon’s tail” 2010


Jay King, recent records:

12 inch: Benny ill V’s J. King - Kosmic 78, Deep Medi Musik 2009
12 inch: Kingstep, Horsepower Productions, Tempa records 2010
LP: Quest for the sonic bounty, Horsepower Productions, Tempa records 2010