Wednesday, 3 May 2017


ATAFONA is a film about a place in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil which slowly is consumed by the sea, over the years the old seafront is slowly washed away at sea and what is left is an ambience of decadence and strange poetic beauty...

Directed by Brede Korsmo with a Soundtrack by Pelado

Starring: Sabrina Norris ( the bastard daughter of Chuck Norris )

WickedWax Pictures is always searching for new and sinister locations and this film is more about our process of making films rather about the film itself. The short stands on it's own legs, treated with love and care at WickedWax Pictures post production suite in Rio de Janeiro. We look forward to future projects! Stay tuned!

Candlewax Productions is the research wing of Wickedwax Pictures and for this trip we would like to thank Miss Sabrina Norris for her help and valued inputs.