Friday, 20 June 2014

Support Karanba!!!

WickedWax Pictures proudly present our new production: "Livsmestring"
Director Brede Korsmo and Music Producer Lucas Secon teamed up with
Tommy Nilsen & Karanba to help them gain support for their cause...

Lets give it up ladies & gentlemen! Support Karanba!!!

Film: Brede Korsmo
Production: WickedWax Pictures
Music: Lucas Secon


About the film:



If you can master a skill, you can master your life!

The film follows a selection of kids & adolescents in Projeto Karanba
de futebol as they progress through life, focusing on their skills with the ball.
This skill can benefit them both on and of the pitch. If you can master one
thing in your life you can master them all. This idea is essential to have on
board as you find your way in life and fundamental to understand in order to
realize your own potential.